Group at Rocklin Hacker Lab working to supply hospitals with ‘face shields’

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ROCKLIN, Calif. (KTXL) -- Several people working at the Hacker Lab are now using their skills to make personal protective equipment for health care workers.

“So, I own a 3D printing accessory company, and I’ve been doing fabrication of other stuff,” said Operation Shields Up founder Alan Puccinelli. 

Puccinelli recently made the transition to use his skills to make face shields.

“So far, we have done about 750 units of these. We are scaled to do another 500 to 600 today,” said Puccinelli. 

Other people, like Peichen Chang who owns tCheck, have also joined the effort. 

“Hacker Lab is a pretty amazing community of people who love building stuff,” said Chang, whose company makes a device to help measure the potency of cannabis. 

The innovators at Hacker Labs are hoping to stay one step ahead in order to protect health care workers and other people on the front line. 

“All of it is trying to predict what our needs are going to be days, weeks out and that could be kind of difficult,” said Kevin Jones, an emergency physician with Sutter Davis Hospital. 

If you would like to help you can visit their website at

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