COVID-19: Desperate Hospitals thank "Hackers" for making Face Shields with 3D Printers

Answering the call from hospitals for much needed Personal Protection Equipment, Operation Shields Up is run entirely on donations and volunteers from the community. The shields are donated to Sacramento hospitals.

ROCKLIN, CA - In only eight days, a group of volunteers, hackers and hobbyists have banded together in Rocklin to create a face shield manufacturing plant.

Using 3D printers, these creative volunteers are producing desperately needed face shields for local hospitals and first responders amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anesthesiologist at Sacramento VA Medical Center wearing a face shield made by volunteers

The project has now spread across the country as home users and small companies join in.

The shields are 100% donated to Sacramento area hospitals.

“With the interruptions to the supply chain and the global increase in demand for PPE, hospitals just aren’t able to source this equipment to protect our frontline health care workers right now. Without the shields donated by Operation Shields Up, we risk losing our best defense against this virus - our doctors, nurses, paramedics and respiratory therapists. We absolutely must protect the people who will ensure that members of our community can recover if they are infected,” said Alan Puccinelli, the leader of Operation Shields Up and former CEO of Repkord.

Here's how you can DONATE to Operation Shields Up

Using an open source design validated by the Czech Ministry of Health, volunteers from across the region are printing the face shields at home and from a space donated by Rocklin’s Hacker Lab Coworking Space. Pro Plastics, a wholesaler in West Sacramento, provided the filaments needed to print the shields.

Without the shields donated by Operation Shields Up, we risk losing our best defense against this virus

The shields, which take about 2 hours to produce, are being created at a rate of about 100 daily, and those numbers continue to grow as more people join in the efforts.

Face shields made by local volunteers are free to hospitals

In the past days, Atomic Filament and SeeMeCNC have donated thousands of injection molded versions to Operation Shields Up. Puccinelli says he hopes to begin producing thousands of face shields daily for local hospitals in the next few weeks.

After Puccinelli posted a call to action on Twitter for help from the community that was retweeted thousands of times, makers began sending 3D printed face shield parts to the Hacker Lab location for assembly.

Face Shields are FREE to Hospitals- Here's how you can help

“Of course we have to be responsible and follow public health guidelines on social distancing to make sure our volunteers are safe. So we only have a limited number of people on site to do the laser cutting and assembly of the masks. We created several manufacturing stations and a sanitation station that follows the recommendations from the CDC” explained Puccinelli.

It is enormously gratifying to see the entire community pull together

The Sierra Sacramento Valley Medical Society has stepped up and partnered with Operation Shields Up to handle the administrative operations of this project, managing fundraising, finance and hospital distribution so that the Operation Shields Up team can focus on production. According to Aileen Wetzel, the CEO of SSVMS, the shields are equipment that healthcare workers can disinfect themselves and use multiple times, making them an invaluable tool. "It is enormously gratifying to see the entire community pull together," Wetzel said.

Even without access to a 3D printer, you can join Operation Shields Up and help them protect our nurses and doctors by donating to their cause. The demand for these masks is so high that hospitals have told Puccinelli they will buy all the masks he makes.

"There's people who want to jump the line and want to try to buy these things but we are 100% donated, and 100% donating," Puccinelli said.

We need help from the community to meet this growing need. Our hospitals are desperate.

This is the least we can do for the people risking their own health to care for our sick loved ones, so please consider donating at if you are able to help” asks Puccinelli.

You can help IMMEDIATELY!

Volunteers are busy working around the clock creating protective face shields for front line hospital workers.

All face shields are free to hospital workers!

Learn more: How to Help Get FREE Face Shields to Hospital Workers

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