Coronavirus Protection: Sacramento Hospitals Among First In The US To Get Ford-Made Face Shields

VIA <CBS 13>

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Health workers at Sacramento-area hospitals will be some of the first in the nation to receive new face shields made by Ford Motor Company.

Four thousand of the face shields are now headed to Sacramento area hospitals, including 3,000 going to UC Davis, 500 to Dignity, and 500 for Sutter, according to a statement from the office of Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg.

The face shields are in short supply in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. They block the eyes and face from contact with biological liquids that could contain COVID-19.

“Making face shields with our UAW partners and being able to contribute them is an honor for us at Ford.,” said Adrian Price, the company’s director of Global Core Engineering.

Ford is also working with GM and 3M to make ventilators, which are also in short supply.

The Ford Motor Co. Fund also recently contributed $100,000 to the DonateforSacramento COVID-19 fund.

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