Coronavirus: Makeshift Operation Making Medical Shields For Free For Sacramento Healthcare Workers

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Doctors and nurses put out the call for more protective gear and Alan Puccinelli stepped up to make it happen. Puccinelli pulled together a makeshift operation to create thousands of face shields for Sacramento hospitals.

“We had ER docs without anything, people calling me directly saying they were making these out of cafeteria trays, saran wrap, whatever they could find,” said Puccinelli.

Volunteers are using 3D printers to craft protective gear for Sacramento area doctors and nurses on the frontlines of COVID-19.

Face Shields are FREE to Hospitals- Here's how you can help

“It sucks that our doctors don’t have the equipment to do their jobs,” said volunteer Randall Thompson.

It’s an operation run entirely on donations and volunteers. Joshua Morris, a furloughed senior software engineer, had been at home in isolation for the last couple of weeks.

“I mean we all depend on our doctors and nurses when we’re in need so why no contribute and help support them because they’re there to help you without any question,” said Morris.

“We’re standing up a manufacturing operation in a span of a week which is really not a thing. We’re learning as we’re going but we’ve made a lot of progress,” said Puccinelli.

You can help IMMEDIATELY!

Volunteers are busy working around the clock creating protective face shields for front line hospital workers.

All face shields are free to hospital workers!

Learn more: How to Help Get FREE Face Shields to Hospital Workers

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