Does the 3D printed part have to be made from PETG?

If at all possible, yes. PETG is very commonly used in healthcare and food products because of how well it holds up to bleach/disinfectant. In ideal times these would all be one-and-done so this wouldn’t matter. But these are not ordinary times,  many hospitals are being forced to re-use so care providers are wiping down everything with bleach wipes and throwing them right back on again. We’re trying to accommodate that as best we can. The second reason could possibly be recyclability but that would depend on the facilitie’s safe disposal processes. Unfortunately much of this stuff will likely be considered biohazard and disposed of that way. If they go unused though and they aren’t stored they could at least be recycled.  

HOWEVER: It may well get to the point that we need so many of these that we don’t have the luxury of worrying about it. If all you have is PLA you can send that to us and label it as such but it will be part of our “B” Stock.

Where do I get the models for printing?

Here: https://www.prusaprinters.org/prints/25857-protective-face-shield-rc1

Be Sure to use version RC2

We have the greatest near term need for the lower chin parts.

What version of the model do I make?

We are currently working on the RC2 version of the Prusa Face Shield PPE Design. This may change slightly in the future to optimize print time. We’ll update the link here as needed.

How should I slice the 3D printed model?

More info coming soon.

Does the color filament I use for the 3D print I'm sending matter?

No. Covid19 hates all colors equally. ;)

Can I use PLA?

See end of Q1.

Can I use ABS?

No. There’s debate around prolonged skin contact safety of ABS so we’re choosing to just avoid it.

Will you send me a shipping label?

As much as we wish we could we simply don’t have funding for this at the moment. We greatly appreciate your willingness to help out by donating your time, materials, and cost of shipping. If you’re not in a place you can afford that at this time please look at the maskfordocs.com website and see if there’s maybe a local chapter you can support in-person.

Should I wait to send in batches?

That is entirely up to you. We’ll use them as fast as we can get them but we understand that’s more costly on the shipping front. Please do what you’re most comfortable with.

How many should I make?

ALL OF THEM… The need is greater than anyone realizes. Keep in mind that these will be used by more than just doctors. First responders, Reception, support workers, anyone deemed at risk can benefit. The last thing any of us want if we’re seeking care is to not get it because caregivers are too afraid of putting themselves at risk. Make as many as you can and send them

Do I need to source the laser cut shield part too?

No! We’ll handle the rest if you just send us all your prints!

Will you send me filament?

We wish we had the funds to send everyone a case of filament but alas… Please donate what you are comfortable with. Every little bit is better than none.

3D Printing is slow, why aren’t we making it like X?

Our strategy to maximize rapid output is to use 3DPrinting as a STOPGAP until we are fully tooled up on getting injection molded parts.

What if I have a better design?

We love your enthusiasm but this is NOT the place to discuss design changes. We have already validated this as useful and desired by our local responders, we do not have the luxury of time to go back through this process again. Please try to appreciate that there are a lot of subtle features in the design that are there for a reason. We’re going for more than just making the most economical or best possible face shield ever engineered. We’re trying to get as many of these into the hands of as many people as possible AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. We may sacrifice some featureset in the name of having something easy to source, clean, produce, and package.

Which countries do you ship to?

More info coming soon.

Can you just ship me the face shield plastic parts?

Unfortunately no. We are trying to optomize the amout of these that we produce and shipping parts of kits is expensive and time consuming. Our focus is first on serving our regional needs in the greater Sacramento Area.

But Pooch, we're best buddies. Can't I please get a shield for my friend/family member who is currently without PPE?

Please take a moment and think about how terrible a situation this puts me in. The need is immense right now and we want to get these to everyone. Im working hard to make sure everyone who has a need has those needs met, but I absolutely cannot play favorites.

How much are you selling your face shields for?

Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Full stop.

We operate as a rag-tag band of volunteer misfits and donors. How can anyone in good faith expect people to donate time and materials and then turn around and sell it? Especially during the middle of an unprecedented health crisis! Our shields are donated to those in need. That said, there is absolutely a cost to what we are doing and we rely on the generosity of our donors to support our operations.

How can I get on the list to receive your face shields?

Demand is overwhelming during this crisis. We're able to focus on making as many of these as possible because of our partnership with the SSVMS. Please contact SSVMS directly to submit a request for any PPE you may need.

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