COVID 19 Relief Fund

Operation Shields Up

Doctors and Nurses are working without protection

The COVID-19 pandemic marks an unparalleled time in the world that requires the best of humanity. 


Your donation to this fund will support immediate and long-term relief to hospitals who lack the face shields to treat victims in the safest way possible.

All Face Shields are
FREE to Hospitals

100% Volunteer Workforce

Uniting The Community
100% Donation Based

We have raised thousands of dollars to help those on the front line in hospitals.  But we're way behind...

We're providing relief to nurses, doctors and health professionals who are risking their lives to save lives.

These heroes are running out of supplies, and these shields help them, as well as the victims they're treating, stay safe.  

Our labor costs are 100% volunteer and allow us to effectively get your donation money to making masks.

How it Works: 3D-Printing and more...

We are OPERATION SHIELDS UP! A group of makers and 3D printers banded together here in the greater Sacramento area (and beyond) with the common purpose of one thing:


"Making sure all of our front-line care providers and support teams have the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) they need to effectively help others in this unprecedented time of pandemic crisis."

The most time intensive part of this project is by far the 3D Printing of the the frames for the face shields. While we are printing on a large scale at the Rocklin Hacker Lab facility as fast as we can, there's also an army of small companies and home users joining the fight!


All the details of how to print and what materials are on our website. People making parts remotely then ship to us. From there we disinfect and assemble the parts with the rest of the components to send to our front-line fighters of COVID19!


We are currently committed to producing safe and effective face shields that have undergone multiple validations by both international and local government agencies as well as caregivers directly in the field.


We are achieving this by donating our time, energy, expertise, and often personal equipment and materials to produce as many of these PPE Face Shields as humanly possible.


All face shields are 100% donation based and not for sale, we depend desperately on others to help keep us supplied and running.

No donation is too small - Every $1 helps!

Donors & Volunteers

Our small army of volunteers are working tirelessly to make sure these masks are delivered and properly assembled for health professionals to use them. 

Organizing the teams, creating schedules, and feeding workers is a monumental task.

None of us are taking salaries or being compensated- this is truly a community coming together for a worthy cause.

We can all help out in this effort!  

Your $50 donation will put face shields on 20 doctors and nurses!

A $20 donation will put face shields on 8 doctors and nurses!

And just a little helps.

Even $5 will be 
immediately put to good use protecting in protecting our front-line healthcare workers fighting this epidemic on daily basis.

The PPE shortage is a very big problem for everyone, not just doctors

As coronavirus has spread, experts have talked up “flattening the curve.” The idea is to spread out the number of coronavirus cases — through social distancing, testing, contact tracing, and other protective measures — to avoid overwhelming the health care system.


The PPE shortage could make it harder to flatten the curve of new cases if doctors and nurses get sick. But the line representing health care system capacity also isn’t a constant. If we develop more capacity, it can handle more cases at once. If capacity falls — if doctors and nurses get sick because of a lack of protective equipment, or refuse to work without conditions that can ensure their safety — even a flatter curve will be hard for the system to handle.

“If you have health care workers who don’t feel safe, you may very well have people who don’t come to work,”
“Worse, you have people who come to work, get infected, and end up in the hospital taking up a bed and also not seeing patients that day, that week, or that month.”

All Face Shields are
FREE to Hospitals

100% Volunteer Workforce

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