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  • Doctors and Nurses need Face Shields Immediately - The sad reality is that we were not prepared for this epidemic. Our front line of defense are the heroes in our medical communities that are putting themselves on the line every day.

  • We're Donating ALL Face Shields for FREE - There is NO cost to hospitals and medical workers for face shields!

  • Volunteers - Our movement is largely made up of volunteers. Many of us are putting in 10-12 hours per day as we struggle to meet the needs of the health care community.

  • Completely Dependent on your Donations - We have raised thousands of dollars to help those on the front line in hospitals.  But we're way behind...

    The heroes on the front lines are running out of supplies, and these shields help them, as well as the victims they're treating, stay safe


  • Tax Deductible - Your donation goes through SSVMS, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving physicians and health care workers for over 100 years

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"This shield gave me the protection to confidently protect myself while caring for COViD positive and ruleout patients.


I only had minimal goggles that didn't cover my face adequately.


Thank you for stepping up to protect us so we can continue to provide care!"

- Kendra Cendana, Nurse, Sutter Roseville Hospital

“We were able to pick these (face shields) up today, our medical providers and front line medical staff will be so delighted!

Touches my heart that you are so accommodating, this really is a tough time for all of us. You are doing amazing work and I want to personally share my sincere thanks!”

Randy Hubbard, One Community Health

“You are a blessing and appreciated SO much...

- Radiology Dept, Mercy San Juan Hospital

It's our duty to protect our front line healthcare workers...

Our healthcare workers are on the front-lines of the fight with Covid-19, and they're going to work without the supplies they need.


We have the equipment and the know how to produce face shields.

We have the volunteers to operate the machines.

The procedures are in place...

We need to keep the donations coming or we will have to stop production...

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