A Note About Safety

Manufacturing isn't easy during normal times and it REALLY isn't easy when you're restricted to having a limited size workforce and distancing requirements. Despite this we're still willing to take a small risk so we can help protect those taking a BIG ONE.

Part of what we do is crowd source our parts from individuals all over the world which creates a huge potential hazard when we receive it as you can imagine. Everything that comes in our door has to be treated like it may be infected. Therefore we have placed rigorous disinfection protocols in place in compliance with the High-Level CDC guidelines for proper disinfection. You can read about our complete washing process here.

Volunteer Safety

In order to continue providing shields to our medical professionals, we need to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the team and facility.  It only takes one incident to bring down the entire operation and jeopardize the safety of the people we are trying to protect.  Please take these safety measures seriously.

Entry into building

If you have a fever or are feeling sick, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING 

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

All volunteers must wear masks and gloves at all times in the building.

  1. Please wash your hands when entering AND exiting the building.

  2. Please wash your hands before putting on the gloves

  3. Do not remove your mask or gloves and set them on a surface.  If you do need to touch / lift your mask, please leave it on your person.

  4. Please wipe all keyboards, counters, and touched surfaces with alcohol or bleach spray before and after you use a station.  Bleach spray is suitable for counter surfaces, handrails, etc.  Alcohol spray is suitable for keyboards, mice, tools, etc.

  5. Never reuse gloves or masks.  Dispose of  gloves and mask when leaving the building.

  6. When coughing or sneezing, please direct into your elbows, never your hands.  Wash your hands and face afterwards.

  7. If cell phones, computers or mice are brought into the building, wipe with alcohol on entry and exit, including the power supply and chargers. 

Food & Drinks

No food or drinks in the downstairs production areas PERIOD.  Exposure through finger food is an extremely high and efficient vector for contamination.  Pease eat outside.

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